Introduction by Leslie Labowitz

Likewise, this website is meant to activate this generation while also serving as research material for academics and historians. The fact that this website is free and accessible opens it to distribution channels never before possible including as curriculum material for College and University Art and Media Arts Departments, Gender Studies, and other related fields.

The website has taken a year to produce with many hours of scanning images and documents from Suzanne and my mutual archives by Laurie Peterson, my assistant. Her humor and diligence made the difficult subject matter easier to deal with. Carolina Ibarra-Mendoza, my graphic designer and I had a synergistic working relationship that crossed the generational gap to create a multilayered site that reflects the essence of ARIADNE. Carolina was invaluable, her design skills helped me to communicate old ideas in a new way that I hope will inspire and keep the torch burning.

We are at a time when women are speaking out loud and clear that sexual violence must end. By breaking the silence on all the forms of sexual violence and harassment a major transition is taking place. How effective social media can change real life violence against women and children is yet to be determined. It is certainly effective but it is not enough.  ARIADNE: A Social Art Network had as its focus the integration of art, activism, media and government. I believe that model of mutual cooperation is necessary now more than ever.

My hope is that this website adds to the visibility of the long history of feminist activists and artists who have paved the way for change and contributed to this evolutionary moment. In 2007, Suzanne and I produced an installation called The Performing Archive that was made up of all our paper documents from performances from 1977-82 including the ARIADNE archive. That project focused on the intergenerational aspect of diverse young women going through our archives while they were interviewed on video.



I thank Suzanne Lacy for her friendship, encouragement and trust in me to take our mutual material and turn it into this site. My drive to end violence against women has always been inspired by my family, my mother, a Holocaust survivor, my daughter, Aria and Harry, my husband. I dedicate this site to my grandsons, Jalen and Levi who I know will be the best examples of men in the next generation to come.
— Leslie Labowitz, 2018