Incest Awareness Project

Los Angeles, CA., May, 1979


"There are 25 million incest victims in the U.S. Most are young girls sexually assaulted by their own fathers or near kin. Some can talk about the trauma; many can not. Incest, the most appalling form of child abuse is still a family kept secret.”

From Conspiracy of Silence: Trauma of Incest by Sandra Butler 


During the International Year of the Child (1979), ARIADNE took on an exceptionally big task. We set out to make incest a public issue.


ARIADNE sponsored the first public dialogue on incest in Los Angeles; the first national art exhibition at The Woman’s Building by incest survivors and the first  media campaign where survivors learned to use the press and TV to educate the public about incest, coining the term “Incest Survivor.”