Art Therapy

Evelyn Virshup, M.A. Art Therapist, conducted art therapy sessions with a group of teenage and children survivors of incest. The group was run by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services; Child Abuse Project. The group is called Daughters United.


A bird being disturbed from his sleep by a feeling of guilt - Virginia

My experience with these relatively non-verbal young girls was very moving for me. After working in the art medium, and finding it easier to talk and write about their drawings, they were able to reveal their feelings of rage and isolation. The social workers who had worked with the girls for months were impressed with depth of expression reached through the process of art.

The ARIADNE Incest Awareness Project, focusing on going public with these incestuous experiences, so taboo that they have never been discussed openly has been a tremendous support to these young women. Many of these young girls would never have had the courage to speak about their assaults without the support of these dedicated women.
— Evelyn Virshup

My name is Lupe

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