Equal Time in Equal Space


Directed by Nancy Angelo, 1979

Equal Time In Equal Space is designed as a multiple-system video installation and interactive experience. It is the first public presentation about “incest” created by women about women. By creating images of women that are self-generated and multi-dimensional this production is not about victims but about women having power over their lives. It goes beyond looking at the problem from a distance, as an observer, as if it didn’t happen or couldn’t to you or someone in your family. 

Six video monitors are set up in a circular pattern with six audience members sitting between each one. Each monitor carries the image and voice of a different woman. The rules of a consciousness-raising session structure the presentation. What you see is a 10 week facilitated process in which all cast and crew explored their personal relationship to incest. Out of these sessions, each woman chose what she wanted to share in the video segment.

In Equal Time In Equal Space a chain of communication begins that extends to its audience. After viewing the tapes the audience is facilitated in a discussion similar to that seen on the video.