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Myths of Rape Re-Creation

Myths of Rape (2012), a collaboration by Chan & Mann, was a reinterpretation of Leslie Labowitz-Starus' Myths of Rape (1977), part of Suzanne Lacy's Three Weeks in May (1977). This production was presented by Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) for Three Weeks in January (2012) as part of the Getty Pacific Standard Time Performance Festival.

Why are we re-creating a feminist artwork from the ‘70s?

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Neda Moridpour

Neda Moridpour




From Talk To Action

Text-based Installation, 2016


Amara Geffen, Facebook Post,  May 1, 2016:

These statements, written by the students, are installed in the windows of the Campus Center at Allegheny College... The group’s work coincided with artist Suzanne Lacy’s campus visit during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, as well as two Gator Day sessions one of which was hosted by the students. In addition, students organized a campus action right before Spring Fest (aka big party weekend), during which the campus community was invited to take a pledge to end sexual assault through itsonus.org.

In developing these actions we collaborated with artists Suzanne Lacy (spent 2 days in residence on the Allegheny Campus) and Leslie Labowitz-Starus, who developed an early feminist performance, Myths of Rape, which has been re-enacted in Three Weeks In May, 1977, restaged in 2014. Allegheny College students have been searching for ways to help both of you move your work forward!

Through these Allegheny College events, students in the group study gathered more than 100 statements identifying pervasive myths about rape culture and pledges signaling concrete actions individuals can adopt to transform and end rape culture on our campus. Using these statements as a guide, each student drafted their own statement - something they felt they could say publicly - and their 'words' will likely be infused with the sculpture currently in final design.

It is our hope that the statements we gather and share will raise awareness about sexual assault while also demonstrating our commitment to ending rape culture.

We will keep this work moving forward during the next academic year and to that end we invite the community to join the conversation and help us generate more statement that can be used, moving us from Talk to Action.

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